About Us

Del Mar Art Studio is a small business run by my husband and I. We specialize in paintings, resin art, decor, crib mobiles, play gyms, and other related accessories.

My husband and I first met during our time at Ohio State, I was studying painting and drawing while he was studying to be an engineer. In 2018, we decided to elope in Belize underneath a waterfall deep in the jungle. We spent most of our time on the island of Ambergris Caye. While there, we spent every waking moment exploring the second largest barrier reef in the world!

Most of my resin work is inspired by the stunning tropical waters of Belize.
When I discovered that I could replicate the beauty of its coastal waves through resin art I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to combine my love for the ocean and art into one form. Since I began creating my “mini oceans” in 2020, I have developed a passion and pride for the work that I do and I put my heart into every piece that enters my studio.

I draw inspiration for my paintings from all over, but it comes mostly from my experiences traveling, the time I spent as a floral designer, and the color palettes that I witness within nature. I am also inspired by new techniques and mediums. The passion that I have for painting really exists within the act itself. I love discovering new ways to add color to a canvas whether it be pouring, scraping, squeegeeing, or even lighting it on fire.

With my art background and my husband’s knowledge of engineering and woodworking, we’ve made a pretty great team. The felt shapes started as a hobby of mine, just a way to relax. In 2019, we thought we’d take our hobbies one step further and work together to create toys and teething products that would bring joy and happiness to other families. We love what we do and we put a lot of care and thought into the products we create.

*Making products that are to be enjoyed by little ones comes with a responsibility for safety that is of the utmost importance to us. We do everything we can to ensure that our toys are as safe as possible and we take pride in what we make knowing only the best materials are used in our designs. The wood we use is natural, untreated, and sanded down smooth on all of our products to ensure its safety for chewing and playtime. Our beads and teething toys are non-toxic, 100% food grade silicone, BPA free, and FDA approved.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thanks for visiting.

Cassie and Brian
Del Mar Art Studio