Drop Day

This was truly the best day because we had our first drop of resin items on Etsy!! Thank you all for making it a success! I appreciate the love so much and I really hope you are as obsessed with these items as I am. Also in just a few days will be my first tiktok live so stay tuned! I will be announcing what time it will be starting here soon. I am planning on starting off by showing you guys the supplies that you need to make resin art since I got so many requests asking for me to teach you all how to do it. I will make an amazon list to make it easy for anybody that’s interested in finding the exact products I use. I also want to show you all some new products that will be available in the next drop. AND I will be announcing a discount code for Etsy during my first live so that’s exciting! 

I would like to start going live a few times a week just so we can talk and you guys can ask me any questions you might have. Also so you can see me make the resin art in real time and learn how it’s done!




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