Continuing to Learn/Fail

Hello again guys!


Ah yes, this tray here I also messed up. Like I said, lots of screw ups occur with resin! The important thing is to not give up. It is so worth it in the end when you’ve finally made something that you’re so proud of. So how did I mess this one up? Well, again, I was on my final coat of resin which makes the pain so much worse because it was almost finished! Anyway, I was torching the white waves trying to get those lacing details and I got a little heavy handed with my torch and burnt the resin. I noticed it turning brown and I panicked. I started using my hands, with gloves on of course, to scoop out the brown hardened resin and put it onto my studio table. I do not recommend this at all. It was a complete mess and in the end I could not fix the tray. Yet another one in the mistake pile. But after this tray I became a pro at how long and how much to use my torch. I lost this tray but it was a valuable lesson and learning experience for sure that really helped me improve my skill. 




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