Making of the Acacia Cheeseboards



I wanted to give you guys a little glimpse into how I make my ocean resin acacia cheese boards! I start off by taping the bottom of the board. I’ve tried a few different kinds of tapes and my current favorite is electrical tape. It’s stretchiness just makes it so easy to peel off after pouring the resin on the board. Next step is mixing the resin. Right now I am using ProMarine resin which has been really great. It’s a bit of a thicker resin that starts to harden fairly quick which means less workability. Because of this, I don’t think I would recommend it for beginners but the quality is excellent. Actually, ProMarine just released a resin specifically for art called ProArt resin! I will be giving that a try here soon to let you guys know my thoughts. 

Alright, after we’ve mixed our resin the next step is to split it into different cups and add color. I use Golden fluid acrylics. The bottles are kind of pricey but you only want to use a couple drops each time you add it to the resin so it lasts forever. Now for the white, I use Le Rez epoxy paste in the color angel white. It is perfect for creating that beautiful lacing that’s so wonderful for ocean resin work. After we add our resin to the board we’re gonna take our heat gun and gently go over the white line that we’ve added to create our wave. The white will begin to spread, revealing those lacing details. Next we go over the white areas with our torch very lightly being careful not to burn our resin. This will bring out even more detailing. Lastly we just want to go over all of the resin with the torch to make sure we don’t have any bubbles!




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