Copper Foil Fun


I love how this fluid painting turned out! I’ve really been into adding gold and silver foil to art lately and I thought why not try copper! This might be one of my favorite color palettes that I’ve used so far. 

For my last fluid painting, I kind of poured the paint out in a big oval shape when I was applying it to the canvas. So this time, I felt like switching it up and I thought doing a nice zig zag might be interesting. I love that I never know what the finished product is going to look like, it adds some mystery and excitement to the process. What I enjoyed the most while making this piece was adding the copper paint detailing around the organic looking shapes created by the fluid paint. One of my peers in art school would use this same technique by taking a black marker and outlining shapes created by watercolor and I just thought it was so beautiful. It’s a lot of fun to do as well and I think it really pulls your eye in and adds interest to the artwork. 


I do want to share how I make my fluid acrylics and what I put in them so here it is for those who are wondering! I add a 1:1 ratio of regular acrylic paint and floetrol to a cup. I then pour just a tiny bit of distilled water in to get a thinner consistency so it spreads on the canvas. You want it to kind of look like melted ice cream. Ok next I add 2-3 drops of silicone and I take my stir stick and carefully do one or two slow figure eights in my paint and that’s it! I’ve had really great success with this recipe and have gotten some awesome cells in my work from it. 




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